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From waste to energy

In Europe we dump 25% of our waste and this releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases. As long as there is waste, incineration is a better alternative - if recycling is not an option. The Attero waste-to-energy plant in Moerdijk in Brabant converts waste into heat or electricity, just what is in demand at any particular moment. Lakmoes developed an animated video for the grand opening with Prime Minister Rutte, explaining the operation and added value of this waste energy plant.

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Practical idealism


Until the circular economy is a reality, we’d better do something useful with our waste.


Useful in three ways

Waste that we cannot recycle is incinerated. That seems like a misuse, but through incineration, the waste energy plant in Moerdijk contributes to a more sustainably society in three ways.

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Less greenhouse gases

If we don’t do anything with our waste (ie landfill), a lot of methane is released from the fermenting waste. Methane is a much stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. If we would burn all the dumped waste in the world, we would immediately reduce 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

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Reducing gas usage

Heat is released through the combustion of waste. At the moment the plant only supplies this heat to the surrounding industry. It has high ambitions to supply to other companies and to households as well. Heat cuts out the need for gas, and that's better for the environment.

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Green power

The unique thing about Attero’s waste-to-energy plant is the steam turbine that can switch flexibly between steam and electricity. If there is no heat required (steam), but there is a need for electricity, the turbine switches over. If necessary, every minute.

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“We used the original blueprints of the steam turbine as a model for the animation."

Marjolein Pijnappels, knowledge director at Lakmoes

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Communicating urgency

Why every second counts

In the Netherlands we have stopped burning combustible waste, but that does not apply to the rest of Europe: every second waste is deposited on large heaps - no less than 25% of all waste. This fermenting mass emits large amounts of greenhouse gases annually - much more than if it was burned. Waste separation and recycling is of course even better, but not (yet) possible in all cases. Waste processing plants such as those in Moerdijk convert waste into heat that the surrounding industry can use and reduces the need for raw materials. The special thing is that the power plant can switch between heat and electricity every minute, just where the need is! That makes it super efficient and durable.

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte symbolically closes the gas tap and opens the steam valve.

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partner & knowledge director

Marjolein Pijnappels

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