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Reform the World of Work

Employer organization AWVN sees that the rules for work no longer match reality. It has set itself the goal of drawing up a future agenda for the world of work and taking the difficult debate about it to the next level. A broadly composed think tank, chaired by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, elaborated ten concrete ideas for innovation in 2018. Lakmoes unlocked these ideas for a wide audience.

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“Nobody has to stand on the sidelines. Everyone must have the opportunity to participate. "

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Is volunteering also work? AWVN thinks so. It counts and deserves appreciation. There should be more options for volunteering or caring for loved ones.

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The new world of work is about what you can do, not what kind of education you had in the past. An online voucher system actively promotes lifelong learning and development.

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AWVN wants the same facilities for all workers: whether they are self-employed or employed by a company.

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the inclusive labor market

Everyone participates

How do you get everyone to work? Number one is: a good basis with fewer rules and regulations. A simple platform where employers and job seekers can find each other.

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‘New deal’ for human capital

The Netherlands relies primarily on our human capital, while our tax system primarily encourages the building up of physical capital. It is time for a new balance and stronger incentives to invest in building human capital.

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Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Koolmees receives the first copy of Ten ideas for the world of work from the AWVN director

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